Gambado! 2004

After attending another auction last night, I remain impressed with the skill and finesse which the Shooting Stars Foundation's Gambado was delivered.  I had a fabulous evening and was able to meet many people.  As well, I was able to donate some money to a good cause.  The dinner location, Dockside, was great and the food and service were excellent. Their staff gave us a choice for dietary consideration or allergies (i.e. vegetarian, veal or fish).  The silent auction went very smoothly as did the live auction; both Tony Parsons and the auctioneer were jovial and it showed in their conduct.   The auction staff were pleasant to deal with and the payment line went relatively fast.  The staff were also present to help us claim our bought items.  I thought the security guard was a good idea, as I have heard that some items can "walk" off before being claimed by their buyers.  Please give a hearty thank you to your staff and your volunteers for me!

Chris Harvie