Jim Byrnes

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, “blues country”, if anyone can sing the blues, it's Jim Byrnes. He is one of Vancouver's most popular musicians, as well as one of Canada's best-known actors (noted for his starring roles in the series "Highlander", "Wise Guy" and his own variety show “The Jim Byrnes Show”). Jim is a singer solidly rooted in the traditions of blues and R&B. This was recognized in 1996 when Jim, noted for his evocative smoky vocals, won a Juno Award for his release "That River", for the Best Roots & Traditional album of the year. Recorded and produced in Vancouver by another Juno Award winner Steve Dawson, “House of Refuge” is the follow up to 2004’s adventurous roots outing “Fresh Horses” and is garnering rave reviews. Watch for Jim and the band as they tour to support their new album. From their “House of Refuge” all the way to yours.