The four celebrated young talents -- Giovanni Amenta, Leon Leontaridis, Joey Niceforo and Paul Ouellette – recently joined together to form DESTINO, which means “destiny” in Italian and Spanish.  Before forming the group, the four tenors, who have varied musical backgrounds including opera, gospel, R&B, soul, jazz, musical theater and pop, were pursuing successful solo careers – from singing at Carnegie Hall and for the Pope to a #1 radio single.  After being hired to work on a project together, the men realized that they possessed a strong chemistry both on-stage and off.  And with that, DESTINO was born. DESTINO’s style has been described as “pop with an opera flair … or vice-versa.”  Born out of a desire to bring opera music to a wider audience, the style has been dubbed “popera” and is currently sweeping the musical charts, with singers such as Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Il Divo selling millions of CDs worldwide. With the formation of DESTINO, “popera” now has Canadian representation.