Gospel Infuzion

It is becoming increasingly more common to witness a group of artists, known predominantly for mainstream material, to emerge as a Gospel Group. Following this trend is Sibel Thrasher and Gospel Infuzion, a bonafide Gospel project that showcases the musical prowess of four of Vancouver’s most sought after vocalists; Sibel Thrasher, Kendra Sprinkling, Cecile Larochelle and Joseph Chappel. The musical energy takes hold immediately, amidst much hand clapping and foot-stomping. The “attitude of gratitude” continues throughout the contemporary gospel flavour, the traditional gospel sounds and right into the soul stirring ballads. Since the fan base of gospel music is varied in geography, ethnicity, and stages of life, The Gospel Infuzion will bring a diverse audience together for an amazing experience of exciting, life affirming music. Once you’ve seen them you won’t forget them!