Angela Kelman

Angela worked for ten years with the group, Farmerís Daughter, where she wrote, recorded and performed as a lead singer. Representing considerable success, their credits include two gold albums, a Juno Award, two CCMA Awards, Big Country Awards, and numerous BCCMA and West Coast Music Awards. Television appearances were featured on Canada AM, Pamela Wallin Live, CBC Newsworld, Mike Bullard, Vicki Gabreau, Dini Petty, and Itís A Living. Furthermore, their 12 videos have been shown frequently on CMT.

Currently, Angelaís recent Bossa Nova-flavored CD release, Cafť Brasilia, is receiving wonderful airplay across the country, and The Polyester Philharmonic, Angelaís retro 70ís band, allows her the fun and funk of performing with a larger collection of musicians. The big band, combined with her swing jazz abilities, her Bossa Nova projects, Farmerís Daughter and now, her new childrenís based interests (CD and live performances), make Angela one of Canadaís outstanding all-around entertainment personalities.