Will Sanders

Will Sanders is passionate about singing… and in particular, about singing Gospel Music.  Like so many southern born Black Americans, Will began singing, at an early age, in church.  Only in his case it was in the very church that was founded, in Alexandria, Louisiana, by his family. In Vancouver, Will has a reputation as a well respected studio singer and his voice has been, and continues to be heard on radio and television ads as well as on the CD projects of such artists as Jim Byrnes, Biff Naked, Leora Cashe just to name a few. He has been involved with musical theatre as well, and on his first time out he won a starring role in the Arts Club production of Ann Mortifee’s tour de force, “When the Rains Come”. He was nominated for a Jessie Richardson award for Best Performance that year and went on to star in the Arts Club production “Five Guys Name Moe”. In an effort to maintain a connection with his true passion over the years, Will has sung with a number of Vancouver based Gospel ensembles:  "Circle Of Voices", "Cloud Nine" and "The Gospel Experience".  The most recent project to which Will is lending his talent and expertise is the newly formed Gospel trio "The Sojourners".