The Sojourners

The Sojourners were originally created to provide background vocals on Jim Byrnes' latest CD "House of Refuge".  The trio of Marcus Moseley, Ron Small and Will Sanders perform on seven of the CDís 12 tracks and set the tone for some seriously spiritual sounds. All members of The Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir ( Jim was so pleased with their sound he christened them with the name, "The Sojourners", and has continued to book them to perform with him at various events.  They appeared with him at the Centre during the Jazz Festival as the opening act for Dr, John and will be appearing with Jim on September 16th, in Whistler, at the Paralympic's Emblem launch. There are also plans for them to continue working on new material with Jim and Steve Dawson in preparation for future performances.  The Sojourners will also be performing with Soul Works as part of the Jazz on the Peninsula Christmas series. The two groups will be performing together at the Silk Purse April 19th as part of their History of Black Music in North America series.