David Wills (Stonebolt)

David Wills is best known as the lead singer of Stonebolt and currently performs as well with the high-energy dance band “The Dynamics”.  With the current cultural revival of music from the earlier decades, and the fact that the members of Stonebolt still like to make music, the vote was passed and the creation of “Regeneration” Stonebolt’s newest album was realized.  This CD is a compilation of the band’s biggest hits including “I Will Still Love You” and “Don’t Ya Hide It”, as well as three new songs written and recorded by the original members.   In Canada Stonebolt became a popular radio act with a number of hit singles topping the Canadian charts and in 1978 became an international hit, recognized as word wide stars. The band had hits in the US, Europe and Japan and played concerts as far away as Osaka Japan.  Stonebolt made regular appearances on national TV shows such as American Bandstand and Midnight Special and received a Grammy nomination. Stonebolt was a Canadian band that achieved international stardom and now the band and their lead singer, can now be discovered again by today's generation of music lovers.  David is actively involved with producing other projects.