We regret there will not be a production of this event in 2014.



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The wildly successful, "Casino Style" drag show  produced by the Shooting Stars Foundation.

Enter into the quicksilver world of lipstick, high heels and hilarity and enjoy a grand carnival of camp, glamour and kitsch. Fit For A Queen “winkily” celebrates pop’s top divas, old and new, with wicked lip-synch and frenzied, delicious choreography. There is no need to seek out this calibre of entertainment in Las Vegas it’s all happening here!

Producer: Kendra Sprinkling

2012 Performer Bios and Photos (click to view)

  • Sienna Blaze
  • Coco
  • Devana DeMille
  • Dame Hope Diamond
  • Mandy Kamp
  • Kiki LaWhore
  • Conni Smudge
  • Symone
  • Syren
  • Tatiana
  • Vera Way
  • Vivian Von BrokenHymen
  • Iona Whipp


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