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SOUNDS of Motown are drifting to Coquitlam

Dance to the sweet sounds of soul music with some of the most seasoned session musicians in the country at Motown Meltdown Tri-Cities. Musical enthusiasts wanting to feel good about a night on the town should “Get It On” at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Theatre, April 5th, and experience a stellar night of entertainment!

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Hosts : Lori Paul and David Wills

Musical Directors: David Sinclair & Steve Hilliam

Backed by "The Scorchers" - a smokin' 12 piece band!

Featuring: David Sinclair, Steve Hilliam, Bill Sample, Oliver Conway, Brian Newcombe, Randall Stoll, Jim Salmon, Dave Say, Vince Mai, Jane Mortifee, Linda Kidder ,  Kendra Sprinkling

Performer Bios and Photos 

  • August
  • Rae Armour
  • Joani Bye
  • Leora Cashe
  • Oliver Conway
  • Warren Dean Flandez
  • Al Harlow (Prism)
  • Linda Kidder
  • Cecile Larochelle
  • Matt Rose and Matt Layzell (The Matinée)
  • Khari McClelland
  • Claire Mortifee
  • Jane Mortifee
  • Marcus Mosely
  • Kirssten Nash
  • Lori Paul
  • Dawn Pemberton
  • Tom Pickett
  • Will Sanders
  • Rebecca Shoichet
  • Kendra Sprinkling
  • The Sojourners
  • David Steele
  • Shari Ulrich
  • David Wills (Stonebolt)
  • and more!



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