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2005 Online Auction Preview - Kids and Pets


Beary Great Shopping    

Take this large Teddy Bear with you when you go shopping with your $100 gift certificate from Kid's Market.


Donated by: Kids Market  www.kidsmarket.ca

Value: $180


For the Mother-To-Be    

It's an exciting time for the expectant mother and Belly & Beyond would like to share this time with you. Situated on Vancouver's trendy Main Street, Belly & Beyond is a hip maternity and children's wear boutique, catering to the fashionable mother and child. Included in this gift basket: Belly & Beyond Maternity T-Shirt, Belly Band, Preggie Pops, and Munchskins Mini Kit. All of their house brands are locally designed and manufactured in Vancouver! Use your $50 GC for the latest in Mommy fashion,


Donated by: Belly & Beyond Maternity & Children's Clothing 

Value: $150


It's In The Bag!    

For the environmentally conscious pet owners, use one of these (4) Eco Safe, locally made, biodegradable "Poop Bags" valued at $11 each. Then it's time to have a little fun with "Rover" and play a little "Bola Ball" valued at $15 each.


Donated by: Coast To Coast Pet Care Supplies 

Value: $104


Moi, pampered!?!    

Spoil her as she lays in her Daisy (pink) bed and nibbles on her homemade treats. Then pour some "Chateau Woof de Pup", that has her own pet tag "Queen", to quench her thirst. Pamper your pet and make her "Queen" for the day.


Donated by: Woofles & Meowz 

Value: $102


Smash hit!    

Pinata's for all occassions or just have one big Pinata party for the children and fill them with their favorites. Then again fill the Pinatas with adult goodies and have a slumber party. Or you can use a variety of the chocolate bars.


Donated by: Kites & Puppets Only 

Value: $142.00



Northern Gifts, home of the original Canned Critters®, has been designing and manufacturing unique plush animals since 1988. Who wouldn't love to hug this adorable 24" brown faux-mink Buddy bear?

Restrictions: $100

Donated by: Northern Gifts  www.northerngifts.com



The Best in Pet Pampering!    

4 x $25 Gift Certificates to put towards your pet's grooming. This includes a thorough brush out, nail trim, and ear cleaning, a warm, soothing bath, a conditioning treatment, hand fluff drying and a personalized cut according to your preference. A spritz of Cologne and a bow or bandana complete your pet's spa experience.

Restrictions: Appointment required

Donated by: Cypress Springs Pet Spa 

Value: $100


Pampered Pooch    

For the love of your life! Quality all natural products from O&M Pet Products. Included are a 340g bag of Dog Treats, a 24lb bag of Prime Life Plus food, and Holistic Aloe-Vera Pet Skin Care Shampoo.

Restrictions: Transition diet over 10 days increased by 10% mix with current food.

Donated by: Coast To Coast Pet Care Supplies 

Value: $80


Dog on the Go    

For that DOG on the go, this airline approved carrier, by Furrarri (Dogloo Inc.), is sure to be the "cat's meow". (20"W x 19"W x 27"L)


Donated by: Jodi Smith 

Value: $75


Beary Cuddly    

3 1/2 foot tall and 4 foot wide plush Stuffed Animal, Purple Bear with red hearts on its paws. Make any child's day by bringing this home with you or for that adult's child inside!


Donated by: Pacific National Exhibition  www.pne.ca

Value: $70


The Cat's Meow    

It is Christmas time for Kitty! Your cat will dine on Natural Choice Tuna Chunks in sauce, enjoy Pounce Plus Healthy Treats for dessert and recline in style on this attractive Sizel Mat for an after dinner nap. In the morning Kitty can wake up, have a few good scratches on this attractive Sizel post and enjoy Nutro Cat Food for breakfast before a good chase around the house with kitty's new toys.


Donated by: Pet Junkies, Pet Supplies & Adoptions 

Value: $66


Sleep of the Innocent    

This very comfy X-tra large dog bed is perfect for the big ole' dog to curl upon for lazy afternoon naps. The top is covered in sheepskin with a suede paw print stitched in the centre.


Donated by: Pawsitively Pets 

Value: $66


Feed Your Feline    

Your cat will be a happy critter devouring "all natural" Precise Plus Feline Hairball Food and Precise Plus Adult Cat Cans 6 @ 5.5 oz. Use the enclosed coupon to purchase a bag of either dog or cat food anywhere it is sold in North America.

Restrictions: Please transition a cat's diet over a 4 day period.

Donated by: Coast To Coast Pet Care Supplies 

Value: $58


I'm just wild about HAIRY!    

A furry realistic looking monkey puppet that is 2 feet in length with long arms and legs. This monkey (mostly grey) is so cute with it's yellow and orangy face and the tail is almost as long as the length of the body. Loves to cuddle, hang around or wrap around your shoulders.


Donated by: Kites & Puppets Only  www.kitesandpuppets.ca

Value: $45


Pretty in Pink    

Who wouldn't love this adorable, fluffy, cuddly, 20'' pink plush teddy bear?


Donated by: Randy D. Flather 

Value: $35


Wheelie, Wheelie Cool!    

In Line Racer - folding skateboard scooter with bright light wheels that illuminate as you roll.


Donated by: VanCity Westend Community Branch 

Value: $30


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