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2006 Online Auction Preview - Art (Prints)



Signed and numbered artist proof (24"W x 18"H) by internationally reknowned Group of Seven artist A. J. Casson. Framing donated by anonymous.

Artist Bio: As the only living member of the Group of Seven, Canada 's most celebrated and loved landscape artist, AI. Casson has had a remarkably long and prolific career. For over 70 years, he crisscrossed Ontario , recording its landscape, its villages and rural life in a distinctive painting style that has won him international recognition and acclaim. Born in Toronto in 1898, Alfred Joseph Casson could not have imagined the astonishing career that lay before him when, in 1919, he was hired by a Toronto printing firm and apprenticed to Franklin Carmichael A prominent graphic designer and an accomplished painter; Carmichael became a founding member of the Group of Seven. Through Carmichael 's instruction and guidance, Caisson's own artistic strengths flourished and in 1926, five years after Franz Johnston resigned from the Group, he was formally accepted as the seventh member. In the fall of 1928, Casson participated in one of the Group of Seven's famous sketching trips to Northern Ontario . When the Group of Seven disbanded in 1932, several of the members moved to other parts of the country, but A.J. Casson remained in Ontario , and continued to paint the landscapes and villages that had served as an unfailing inspiration for his art since his youth. He married in 1924, and in 1931 he built a splendid Georgian-style house in North Toronto where he has lived to the present day. The Cassons have one daughter and three grandchildren. Today, paintings by A.J. Casson hang in the most important public and private collections across Canada ; books and films have documented his life; a lake near Sudbury and a township near Thessalon have been named after him. He has received several honorary doctorate degrees from Canadian universities, and in 1979 was made an Officer of the Order of Canada . A.J. Casson's Ontario includes this great artist's favorite paintings of the landscape, the towns, the villages and the people that he has known and loved over his long career


Donated by: Will Rafuse  www.willrafuse.com

Value: $2100


Getting Set    

Framed and matted limited editon lithographic art print (30"W x 25"H) signed and numbered 205/250 by the artiist Ken Danby and Olympic Gold Medal Winner Steve Podborski. The image is Steve Podborski, one of the "Crazy Canucks", preparing for his gold medal performance at the Calgary '88 Olympic Winter Games. The prints were produced as a gift to supporting partners for the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Olympic bid.

Artist Bio: Ken Danby, born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on March 6, 1940, began his personal odyssey to become a self-supporting artist at the age of 20. In 1963, he arranged to have his work reviewed by Walter Moos, Toronto’s Moos Gallery owner. Recognizing Danby’s exceptional abilities, Moos presented, in 1964, Danby’s first one-man show, which promptly sold out - an example that was repeated and surpassed over many years. Danby is one of only a few contemporary artists who have created paintings that make the transition from artwork to cultural icon. While the popularity of his work and his contributions to the arts make him a celebrity in Canada, it is his outstanding timeless images that have earned him international recognition as one of the foremost realist artists. Where some see only an incredible attention to detail, others are aware of the artist's greater accomplishment ... the presence, the life and the emotion which emanates from each meticulously composed image. Ken Danby is an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Among his many awards are the Jessie Dow Prize, the 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal of Canada, both the Queen's Silver and Golden Jubilee Medals. He has recently been invested in both the Order of Ontario, and the Order of Canada, Ontario’s and Canada's highest and most prestigious honours.


Donated by: Les Broadbent (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $1900


Floating Gulls    

Framed serigraph #156/165 (32"W x 25"H) by Ted Harrison.

Artist Bio: Considered one of Canada's most prominent artists with national acclaim, Ted Harrison's work underwent a transformation when he arrived in Carcross, Yukon in the fall of 1968. The vast and awesome beauty of the Yukon landscape challenged him to push the boundaries of tradition. What emerged on his canvasses was a sophisticated distinctive explosion of colour and undulating lines. Ted has now become synonymous with the Yukon. In 1987, he was awarded the Order of Canada. He has an Honorary Doctorate from Athabasca University and also an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria. His work is cherished in private and public collections worldwide.


Donated by: Chong Ong (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $925


Fall Equinox    

Numbered and signed Limited Edition print by Joe Average measuring 28"W x 26-1/2"H. Framing by Kimprints.

Artist Bio:  


Donated by: Joe Average  www.joeaverageart.com

Value: $650


Southeast Morning    

A limited edition Bill Maximick print #49/295 (31"W x 25"H)

Artist Bio: Many West Coast artists specialize in painting seascapes and marine themes, but few match the public acceptance and acclaim accorded Bill Maximick, particularly from those who know and appreciate boats. Bill's many years experience working on tugs, fish boats, and in remote logging camps on BC's West Coast, impart a powerful feeling and authenticity to his paintings. Bill and his wife live in Comox, BC where they own Maximick Originals & Custom Framing Gallery. With Bill's own work and many commissions Bill is kept busy in the studio creating his own brand of exciting and detailed scenes.


Donated by: Valerie Pusey (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $600



18"W x 12"H photographic print in a 27"W x 19"H frame

Artist Bio: Clinton Hussey, born and raised in Vancouver, is a fall out of Emily Carr College of Art & Design. Originally studying graphic design, he started taking pictures for his projects and was drawn to the process. It's a similar way of thinking for me, just the tools are different. Now 17 years later he runs a commercial studio shooting for magazines, graphic designers & ad agencies. He is now repped in the US but will always keep Vancouver as home.


Donated by: Clinton Hussey Photography  www.clintonhussey.com

Value: $600



14"W x 10"H photographic print in a 27"W x 19"H frame

Artist Bio: After years photographing her younger sister in various outfits and settings, Amanda Skuse decided that Fashion Photography was her calling. Amanda studied photography at the Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Toronto. She has worked for the past 10 years as a commercial fashion photographer in Vancouver, shooting for magazines, designers, and ad agencies.


Donated by: Amanda Skuse Photography  www.amandaskuse.com

Value: $600


Seven Crows    

A limited edition Alex Colville reproduction, #203/950 (31"W x 28"H), hand signed and numbered by the artist, printed on 100% imported rag paper, and includes a certificate of authenticity. All printing plates are destroyed. Beautifully framed by Kimprints.

Artist Bio: Awarded with eight honourary degrees, Alex Colville is internationally recognized as one of Canada's best artists and one of the greatest modern realist painters. He spent most of his youth in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Upon graduating from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, he joined the Canadian Army and was appointed a war artist. In 1946, four years after marrying his wife, he returned to Mount Allison as a teacher. Following his retirement in 1963, Colville devoted all of his time to painting, receiving many honours. His works have been exhibited worldwide, and are eagerly sought after for museums, corporate and private collections. He was chosen to design a set of coins for Canada’s Centennial, in 1967. In the same year, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada, and in 1982, he was raised to Companion, the highest level of Order. Since 1973, he and his wife, Rhoda, have lived in Wolfville, Nova Scotia in the house, where his wife was born, and which was built by her father. From 1981 to 1991, he served as chancellor of the humanities department at Acadia University.


Donated by: Will Rafuse  www.willrafuse.com

Value: $900


Blue Haida    

A framed limited edition print 29"W x 22.5"H, (tba/1200) by Vancouver artist Joyce Mitchell. Joyce, whose works are enjoyed by a vast array of collectors, is most noted for her watercolours of Mayne Island.

Artist Bio:  


Donated by: Carter Group of Companies  www.carterauto.com

Value: $400


Pitt River    

A magnificently matted and framed limited edition print #303/350 (20"W x 13"H) signed by celebrated BC artist Toni Onley. The print is watermarked in the lower left hand corner on arches archival paper.

Artist Bio: Toni Onley, a Vancouver artist widely known for his distinctive landscapes, was born in 1928 on the Isle of Man and educated in England and Mexico. He made his first trip to the Arctic in 1974 and later published Onley's Arctic: Diaries and Paintings of the High Arctic. His 1983 painting of Cheakamus Glacier adorns the cover of The Great Canadian Anecdote Contest, which contains Onley's account of stranding his private plane on the glacier. A recipient of the Order of Canada, Onley published Toni Onley's British Columbia: A Tribute (Raincoast, 1999) and an autobiography, Flying Colours: The Toni Onley Story (Harbour Publishing, 2003).


Donated by: Creekhouse Gallery  www.creekhousegallery.com

Value: $400


Rivington & Allen    

Artist Proof #1/25 (20"W x 16"H) photograph by artist Geoff Redekop from the "Dogs of New York" Series. The artist proof is numbered and signed on the photo edge under the matboard.

Artist Bio:  


Donated by: Will Rafuse  www.willrafuse.com

Value: $325


Still Life Two    

This framed canvas transfer, triple matted (24"W x 28"H) by acclaimed BC artist Jae Dougall is magnificently framed to accentuate her spectacular style.

Artist Bio: Jae creates astounding still life oil paintings, dense with saturated colour. She evokes emotions in the viewer through the use of textures, bright patterns and analogous colour harmonies. Her works are highlighted in private collections worldwide.


Donated by: Lisa Krieger (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $320



A spectacular limited edition (#149/225) serigraph by Beau Dick, of the cultural group Kwakwaka'wakw.

Artist Bio: Beau's many works include: masks, bowls, rattles, drums, original paintings and limited edition prints. He began carving at a very early age, studying under his father, Benjamin and his grandfather James Dick working with Tony and Henry Hunt, Bill Reid, Doug Cranmer and Robert Davidson. His many important pieces are in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Heard Museum (Phoenix), Burke Museum (Seattle) and B.C. Provincial Museum.


Donated by: Lattimer Gallery  www.lattimergallery.com

Value: $150



A beautiful limited edition (#178/225) serigraph by Alvin Adkins, of the cultural group Haida.

Artist Bio: Alvin's crest figures include the Raven, Bear and Killerwhale. He creates jewelry out of silver and gold, makes limited edition prints and carves in wood and argillite. Alvin is a self-taught artist who started carving in 1971 and who was influenced by such people as Despsey Bob, Freda Deising, Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, and Don Yeomans. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Northern BC


Donated by: Lattimer Gallery  www.lattimergallery.com

Value: $120


Carmanah Mist    

Bring drama, colour and beauty to your home with this spectacular framed 14 colour limited edition serigraph (#15 of 345) of the Carmanah Valley on Vancouver Island, hand pulled by noted artist Tony Wypkema (pronounced "Whip-key-ma") whose well known brush name is Tony Max.

Artist Bio: Much of Tony's art portrays the beauty of the west coast and Vancouver, BC, where he lives. His work captures the beautiful and vivid aspects of nature, emphasizing harmonious colours, patterns and dramatic compositions.


Donated by: Tony Wypkema  www.tonymax.net

Value: $400



Framed open edition print (21W X 27H) By reknowned artist Tom Thomson.

Artist Bio: Tom Thomson (1877-1917), the great painter of Ontario North Woods landsapes, was one of the driving and catalyzing forces behind the formation of the Group Of Seven - an association not formally created and named until three years after his death.


Donated by: Valerie Pusey (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $275


Foothills Farm    

Framed limited edition print #111/495 by David Maclagan.

Artist Bio: Maclagan is from Ontario, where he graduated from the Ontario College of Art. He has been a professional artist, designer, and instructor since 1957, and is currently a teacher at Capilano College in North Vancouver. The gentle, warm tones of Maclagan's panoramas are rendered more powerful by the bold strokes of his broad brush. Believing in the value of experiencing the world and communicating it through his art, he travelled around the globe in the hopes of capturing its beauty and diversity on canvas. David Maclagan's paintings are admired in many collections in Canada, the US, and Japan.


Donated by: Valerie Pusey (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $200


Country Cottage    

Framed open edition print (23"W X 20"H) by Nancy Lund.

Artist Bio:  


Donated by: Valerie Pusey (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $150


Peaceful Lagoon    

Framed open edition print (21"W x 17"H) by Canadian artist Beirens.

Artist Bio:  


Donated by: Valerie Pusey (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $150


Vanier Park, Kits Point    

A colourful limited edition giclee print (10 only) framed in a rich dark green wooden frame.

Artist Bio: Born in Essex, England, Hilary moved to Vancouver where she started to develop her own uniquely graphical style, using technical pen and vibrant gouache paints. She started painting commercially and has sold her work to individual and corporate collectors across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Entral and South America, Australia and Japan. Hilary's artwork seems to pop up all over the Lower Mainland.


Donated by: Hilary Morris 

Value: $150



Framed open edition print of a potted topiary (12.5"W x 14.5"H). Artist unknown.

Artist Bio:  


Donated by: Valerie Pusey (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $50



Framed open edition print (17"W x 14"H) by Tom Thomson.

Artist Bio: Tom Thomson, the great painter of Ontario North Woods landsapes, was one of the driving and catalyzing forces behind the formation of the Group Of Seven - an association not formally created and named until three years after Thomson's death.


Donated by: Valerie Pusey (Courtesy of Creekhouse Gallery) 

Value: $30


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