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2006 Online Auction Preview - Dining Out


Carol Ship Christmas    

3 couples will celebrate this Holiday season with the Christmas spirit onboard one of Harbour Cruises' 2006 Christmas Carol Ship Dinner Cruises.

Restrictions: Valid Sun to Thur, Dec 2006. Reservation required.

Donated by: Harbour Cruises Ltd.  www.boatcruises.com

Value: $330


Window Wrapped Dining    

Live it up at to the very special Aqua Riva Woodfired Rotisserie and Seafood Grill. Well before your first dish is served, you are sure to be impressed by the art-deco interior and panoramic harbour views, which are a feast for the eyes. A plethora of splendid aromas comes off the wood burning rotisserie and out of the ovens to start you on your culinary journey at this highly acclaimed Vancouver waterfront restaurant.

Restrictions: Expires Oct 1, 2007

Donated by: Aqua Riva  www.aquariva.com

Value: $200


At the "Hart" of it All    

Food afficianados will be fighting for this gift certificate. Nestled in a scenic majestic setting, you'll be treated to the best that West Coast Cuisine has to offer. The award winning Hart House in Burnaby has long been an institution of fine dining that always surprises and always satisfies.


Donated by: Global TV  www.globaltv.com

Value: $200


An unpretentious Fling with Fine Dining    

Leave your day at the door & enjoy the essentials - food, service & great music. An exceptional cocktail list, Belgian beer, and fine dining without the formalities. The food is exceptional, with a commitment to fresh seasonal produce, Belgian themed with North American influence. Awarded Best New Fine Dining Restaurant 2004 by Vancouver Magazine.

Restrictions: After 12 months consecutive non use a $2 per month service fee will be deducted from the remaining card balance.

Donated by: Chambar Restaurant  www.chambar.com

Value: $200


Tuscan Buon Appetito    

Savour the superb Tuscan cooking and ambience in any of Umberto's restaurants. Umberto Menghi takes delight in sharing the passion and commitment that he has dedicated to his cooking and dining experience in all of his restaurants.

Restrictions: Expires Sep 30, 2007

Donated by: Umberto Management Ltd.  www.umberto.com

Value: $200


The West Coast Concept    

Raincity Grill, helping to shape a Vancouver image of food, has become a vital part of the city's culinary scene, and has won local, national and international praise. The New York Times named it "the hottest restaurant in Vancouver." Your gift certificate will give you the oportunity to share the culinary masterpieces resulting from Raincity Grill's philosophy of choosing to support producers who practice the sustainability of food resources indigenous to our region.

Restrictions: Expires Sep 16, 2008

Donated by: Raincity Grill  www.raincitygrill.com

Value: $200


A Royal City Experience    

Enjoy a sumptuos dinner with 3 friends at La Rustica / La Lorraine, a highly acclaimed restaurant in New Westminster blending fine dining and local heritage.


Donated by: La Lorraine Restaurant Ltd.  

Value: $150


Ambleside Elegance    

Located in West Vancouver, this elegant and enticing Ambleside restaurant will both delight and tantalize your taste buds, with their exceptional and unique menu selections. Be sure to make reservations for this popular and delectable dining experience.

Restrictions: Expires July 31, 2007. Not valid Mother's day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas Eve or new Year's Eve.

Donated by: Beach Side Café  www.beachsidecafe.ca

Value: $150


A Taste of Italy    

Revel in the very finest Italian cuisine, prepared with mediterranean flare, and served in a warm and inviting atmosphere. A passionate opera singer and a legendary host Francesco Alongi name is legendary in the Vancouver restaurant scene and synonomous with the best of Italian cuisine, style and camaraderie.

Restrictions: Expires Oct 7, 2007

Donated by: Don Francesco Ristorante  www.donfrancesco.ca

Value: $150


Epicurean French Flair    

Impeccable service with flair, never pretense or fanfare. This fine dining French restaurant blends traditional French cooking with innovative Westcoast style. If there’s a formula for producing happy customers, Le Crocodile has the patent. Simply great food and unwavering consistency are chef/owner Michel Jacob’s hallmark.

Restrictions: Expires Oct 2007

Donated by: Le Crocodile Restaurant  www.lecrocodilerestaurant.com

Value: $150


Home of the Triple 'O'    

With over 60 locations in BC and Alberta, White Spot has been serving unique, freshly prepared dishes in a contemporary, casual atmosphere for over 75 years. These 5 $25 certificates from the Georgia & Cadero Street location will provide a passport to any White Spot Restaurant to join the over 15 million guests who dine at this uniquely west coast restaurant each year.


Donated by: White Spot - Georgia & Cadero  www.whitespot.ca

Value: $125


France without jet lag!    

Enjoy a dinner for two of southern French food at Provence Marinside, where Davie Street meets False Creek. This is a great place to meet your friends on the patio or at the bar, and watch the action in the marina or on the seawall. Provence Marinaside’s award winning food, warm ambiance and friendly service turns every meal into a special occasion.

Restrictions: No Expiry

Donated by: Provence Marinaside  www.provencevancouver.com

Value: $120


A Small World in a Big City    

Food and Service is our name! Abuse is our game! - Four famous Elbow Room 'XL' (2 Red & 2 White) T-Shirts and four $15 gift certificates towards the cost of food at the Famous Elbow Room Cafe, when two or more people dine.

Restrictions: Expires June 30, 2007; One coupon per table when 2 or more people dine.

Donated by: The Elbow Room Cafe  www.theelbowroomcafe.com

Value: $120


Culinary Waterfront    

The Beach House at Dundarave Pier unites superb food, exquisite service, amazing atmosphere and an unbelievable view. Sample the superb dining room in the latest (and most stunning) incarnation of this 100 year old West Vancouver landmark.

Restrictions: Expires Sep 12, 2007

Donated by: The Beach House  www.atthebeachhouse.com

Value: $100


Ole Lolita's    

Revel in the excitement and divine food at this wildly popular Mexican restaurant on Davie Street. Lolita's breaks away from banality and depends on local resources where possible, always with ingenuity and inventiveness. Yet there is a rich and enticing Mexican cuisine, based on region in part, and on refined dining for the other part. Ole

Restrictions: Expires Sep 9, 2007

Donated by: Lolita's south of the border cantina  

Value: $100


C Experience    

Vancouverites have been known for pairing the great outdoors with great ingestibles. The ultimate nourish-nature match-up belongs to C Restaurant, where… (the cuisine) … perfectly complements the view. "C" for yourself the magic they perform on their contemporary to-die-for seafood prepared by the city's hottest chef, Rob Clark.

Restrictions: Expires Sep 7, 2007

Donated by: C Restaurant  www.crestaurant.com

Value: 100


Pub Fare Extraordinaire    

Forty Dollars in gift certificates will go a long way and is sure to satisfy your thirst and hunger at this fabulous Kitsilano establishment. Voted "Vancouver's Best Pub" in the Westender, you won't be disappointed. Did we mention the stylish golf shirt that comes with...


Donated by: Jeremiah's Neighbourhood Pub  

Value: $100


Yaletown Fun Dining    

The Hamilton Street Grill is a casual Yaletown fun spot serving plenty of red meat, seafood and good house-made desserts. It is renowned for its lively after-work wine and appie's events. Owner Chef Neil Wyles has established a reputation of pairing amazing food with his regular fabulous wine tastings.


Donated by: Hamilton Street Grill  

Value: $100


A Taste of the Drive    

You and a guest will enjoy your visit to this long-running Commercial Drive hipster magnet. WaaZuBee Cafe has a great menu, top microbrews, and a décor that mixes plenty of wrought iron with devotional candles and a giant floor-to-ceiling mural of small-town Italy (a relic from the room’s previous life).


Donated by: WaaZuBee Café  www.waazubee.com

Value: $100


Pleasure Never Ends    

Alex Rotherham, Executive Chef of Infinity Dining Experience says "In our pursuit to fulfill our dreams, we discover who we are and what we are capable of. I dream of creating a casual reason to dine out, it is to enhance our lives". Enhance your life and your culinary experience with a visit to Infinity, his new Pacific Street restaurant.


Donated by: Infinity Dining Experience  www.infinitydining.ca

Value: $100


Friendly Fun, Fabulous food, Fantastic Beverages    

Whatever you are in the mood for, Moxie's Classic Grill on Davie Street will help fulfill it, because their passion is food and their secret is people. Moxie's is one of Canada's leading restaurant chains, founded on the promise of delivering great food at a great price in an upbeat and friendly atmosphere.

Restrictions: Expires Dec 15, 2006

Donated by: Moxie's Classic Grill - Davie Street  www.moxies.com

Value: $100


You Can't Beat Vera's Meat!    

Regularly voted the best in the West for Hamburgers, Vera's Burger Shack delivers an unforgettable meal. The secret to their success is simple; make sure the meat is fresh, the recipe simple, and lastly, cooked to perfection; every time.


Donated by: Vera's Burger Shack  www.verasburgershack.com

Value: $100


Dinner With Friends    

You and three guests will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this funky Commercial Drive hotspot. Dine on delicious variations of Westcoast Fusion created by Chef Andre Tremblay. If you have not tried their food you are in for a real treat!


Donated by: WaaZuBee Café  www.waazubee.com

Value: $100


eat lotsa fish    

The Kettle, as it's affectionately known to Vancouverites, has been one of Canada's most acclaimed seafood restaurants. From BC Salmon to Nova Scotia lobster to Mahi Mahi from the sunny waters surrounding Hawaii, every seafood item on the menu is guaranteed fresh and prepared with passion. Seafood choices change daily according to availability.

Restrictions: Valid for 24 months from date of activation.

Donated by: A Kettle of Fish  www.akettleoffish.net

Value: $100


Homage to French Cuisine    

The oldest traditional French eatery in town, this provençal Parisian brasserie has enjoyed the accolades of critics and diners alike since 1977. The warmth and casual elegance that comes to mind when recalling a French bistro is evident here in the vintage posters, wine bottles and knick-knacks adorning the walls, dark wood sideboards and parkay floors, red leather banquettes, brass railings and intimate tables with oil lamps. Well known for their infamously fabulous pommes frits, the rest of the menu should be appreciated with equal enthusiasm. The menu consists of classic French cuisine utilizing local seasonal ingredients and executed wonderfully by Chef Scott Kidd.

Restrictions: Expires Sep 16, 2007

Donated by: Café de Paris  www.cafedeparisbistro.com

Value: $100


Eat while you Drink & be Merry    

Enjoy the great food at the Fountainhead Pub with one of these 5 $20 gift certificates. This upscale pub - featuring lots of dark wood, a cool bar with your favourite ales on tap, and friendly servers - is a great place to hang with friends or to, maybe, make a new one.

Restrictions: Expires Feb 28, 2007

Donated by: The Fountainhead Pub  www.thefountainheadpub.com

Value: $100


Great Steaks, Casual Ambience    

Experience a truly comfortable and satisfying dining atmosphere accompanied by a fun and casual bar setting. From the beginning, The Keg's unique concept of combining great food, superior service, and a comfortable atmosphere proved enormously successful. This winning formula allowed The Keg to grow quickly into new Canadian and US markets, which today total more than 90 locations across North America.

Restrictions: Expires Aug 31, 2008

Donated by: The Keg (Thurlow St.) Steakhouse & Bar  www.kegsteakhouse.com

Value: $100


Vintage Montparnesse    

Celebrate French high drama at Elixir, the Parisian panacea at the Opus Hotel. You'll feel the exhilaration the moment you enter this bustling French brasserie. The alchemy extends to a classic French bistro menu created by Executive Chef Don Letendre.

Restrictions: Expires April 30, 2007

Donated by: Elixir Restaurant and Opus Bar  www.elixirvancouver.ca

Value: $100


al - LURE - ing    

Located at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, you and a guest will delight in the spectacular menu at Lure Seafood Restaurant and Bar, specializing in locally caught seafood fresh from Fisherman’s Wharf. You will enjoy unsurpassed views of the city’s bustling Inner Harbour while dining on delicious traditional and innovative seafood dishes crafted using fresh local ingredients. Lure is sure to be a highlight of your Victoria visit.

Restrictions: Expires Aug 31, 2007 (excluding special occasions)

Donated by: Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa  www.deltahotels.com

Value: $100


Brunch at the Diva    

Wake up your taste buds with a weekend a la carte brunch for two to the acclaimed Diva, renowned for its cuisine and service.

Restrictions: Expires Sep 30, 2007. Valid Sat or Sun.

Donated by: Diva at the Met  www.metropolitan.com/diva

Value: $100


Modern Canadian Cuisine    

Step inside Brix in their 1912 heritage building that is both comfortable and artistic. Chef Jason Wilson creates lively tastes and intriguing dishes that are both unique, yet balanced nicely between comfort food and haute cuisine which is well priced. The wine list is extensive, with familiar wines, unusual finds and thoughtful choices.

Restrictions: Expires May 31, 2007

Donated by: Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar  www.brixvancouver.com

Value: 100


Cajun Flare    

Tastes like the South, smells like the South, feels like the South. Immerse yourself in the passionate flavours of Cajun country. Chef Darcy Fry invites you to leave your inhibitions behind as you sample some of the finest Cajun cuisine that Vancouver has to offer. This unique restaurant has been serving up spicy delights with artistic flare for over 20 years. You won't be disappointed with your $50 for both food and beverage gift certificate. It will leave you begging for more.


Donated by: Ouisi Bistro  

Value: $100


Casual Fine Dining    

With a $100 gift certificate, enjoy dinner for two and the spectacular False Creek setting through floor to ceiling windows at the Dockside Restaurant. You will revel in the experience as the Dockside chefs prepare familiar favorites with unfamiliar brilliance.

Restrictions: Expires Aug 31, 2007. Not valid during special events or holidays.

Donated by: Dockside Restaurant  www.docksidebrewing.com

Value: S100


London Inspired Quality & Style    

Boasting a stunning waterfront view of False Creek & neighbouring Granville Island, Marmalade's mod-retro decor conveys a smooth & sexy mood. Experience dinner with delicious west coast classics such as Sauteed Sockeye Salmon or a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

Restrictions: Expires Oct 7, 2007

Donated by: Marmalade Kitchen and Bar  www.marmaladekb.com

Value: $100


The Fish House    

Look out onto the panoramic English Bay or the spectacular gardens of Stanley Park and enjoy an exceptional, fresh seafood meal prepared by Executive Chef Karen Barnaby. We promise you their menu will entice you!

Restrictions: Expires Oct, 2007

Donated by: The Fish House in Stanley Park  www.fishhousestanleypark.com

Value: $100


Ooh La La! La Regalade    

Treat yourself to lunch or dinner with this gift certificate towards the superb French cuisine that this West Vancouver Bistro serves up. See for yourself why the culinary art of Brigitte and Alain Raye has earnt them continued accolades as the best new restaurant, best bistro and best north shore restaurant.

Restrictions: Expires Sep 16, 2007

Donated by: La Regalade  www.laregalade.com

Value: $80


Savour the Italian Caffe    

Discover the fabulous food coffee & value with lunch for four at this highly regarded Yaletown caffe & coffee shop. Separately included are 12 coupons for a free cup of cofee for the auction.

Restrictions: Expires October 7th, 2007

Donated by: Triggiano's Caffe  www.triggianoscaffe.com

Value: $76


Whistler delight    

Established in 1981, Araxi has become widely known for its internationally acclaimed cuisine, award winning wine cellar and warm hospitality. Enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, Araxi has been voted number one for Whistler dining by both readers and critics of Vancouver magazine for an unprecedented six consecutive years and currently holds Wine Spectator’s ‘Best of Award of Excellence’. This fine Whistler restaurant will demonstrate to you that the kitchen is the soul of the restaurant and the exceptional harvest from their ‘super-natural’ environment is the inspiration.

Restrictions: Expires March 15th, 2007

Donated by: Araxi  www.araxi.com

Value: $75


Best of our Local Bounty    

You and a guest are invited to savour a delectable dinner for two at Griffins Restaurant, a vibrant Pacific Northwest brasserie, annually recognized by western Canada's pre-eminent food publications as one of the 'best hotel' restaurants.

Restrictions: Expires July 19, 2007

Donated by: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver  www.fairmont.com

Value: $75


Italian Salute    

CinCin's warm Tuscan inspired decor invites you to relax, enjoy fine food and wine, and to absorb the ambience. Executive Chef, Andreas Wechselberger, offers a menu that features contemporary Italian cuisine, made from the freshest and best seasonal, local, and Italian ingredients. Many dishes are prepared in CinCin's wood-fired oven, rotisserie and grill. An extensive wine list offers a variety of Old and New World wines with thousands of bottles being housed in the private Wine Room.

Restrictions: Expires Feb 28, 2007

Donated by: CinCin  www.cincin.net

Value: $75


Dining On The Drive    

The latest tap & tapas bar on Commercial Drive is "driving them wild". Have a glance at the tapas line-up and your mouth will water in anticipation of sampling their world-citizen menu with a Euro-Asian focus. To be enjoyed with a nice, cold Belgian beer of course!

Restrictions: Expires Oct 7, 2007

Donated by: Stella's Tap & Tapas Bar  www.stellasbeer.com

Value: $75


Cat-ch You There    

Enjoy dinner prior to the Oct. 28th BC Lions vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers game with this a $75 gift certificate towards food and beverage at the Sports Action Lounge.

Restrictions: Valid Oct 28th only

Donated by: BC Place Stadium  www.bcplacestadium.com

Value: $75



Just 30 minutes from Vancouver, Deep Cove offers an escape from the hectic pace of life. Join a friend to relax and explore the riches of Indian Arm fjord for 2 hours. Steep Mountains jutting from the calm waters of Indian Arm set the backdrop for a world of soaring eagles, friendly harbour seals, and flocks of waterfowl.

Restrictions: Expires October 2007

Donated by: Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak  www.deepcovekayak.com

Value: $60


West Van Room with a View    

With a $50 gift certificate, enjoy Saltaire Restaurant & Terrace, situated along the coastline of picturesque West Vancouver. Saltaire offers a stylish upscale-casual West Coast menu, garnished with the beauty of West Vancouver's waterfront. On warmer days, dine on Saltaire’s amazing roof top and enjoy spectacular views of the ocean, Stanley Park, and the Lions Gate Bridge.

Restrictions: Expires July 31, 2007

Donated by: Saltaire Restaurant & Terrace  www.saltaire.ca

Value: $50


Naked + Casual Cuisine    

What will you choose to sweeten your lips at Nu, the sleek, sexy and custom designed False Creek waterfront restaurant with virtually 300 degrees of floor to ceiling glass - its like walking into a crystal. But then be mesmerized by the naked & casual cuisine that defies your wildest fantasies. Celebrate the Nu.

Restrictions: Expires Sep 6, 2007

Donated by: Nu  www.whatisnu.com

Value: $50


Innovative & Inspiring Seafood    

Blue Water Cafe, described by Conde Nast Traveller as "one of the world's most exciting new restaurants" invites you to enjoy exciting fare. Executive Chef Frank Pabst adds his signature refinement to the freshest and best seafood in Vancouver, crafting plates that belie the eye with their simplicity and confound the palate with ingenious combinations.

Restrictions: Expires March 6, 2007

Donated by: Blue Water Café  www.bluewatercafe.net

Value: $50


Milestone's at the Beach    

Whether it's for lunch, brunch or dinner, these two $25 gift certificates open the door for you to enjoy Milestone's globally inspired meals and warm welcoming atmosphere.

Restrictions: Valid only at Milestone's at the Beach

Donated by: Milestone's Denman Street  www.milestonesrestaurants.com

Value: $50


Great Food, Great Fun!    

Gigi's has been a long time staple on Davie Street with its always superb & satisfying food and service. Two gift certificates for $25 are available for you to find out yourself how good this eatery is.

Restrictions: Expires Dec 15, 2006

Donated by: Gigi's Restaurant  

Value: $50


Bon Appetit    

Le Bistro Chez Michel, located in beautiful North Vancouver, is a warm and friendly bistro-brasserie style restaurant that offers delicious French cuisine, a cozy upbeat atmosphere and a great place for people to gather and meet.


Donated by: Le Bistro Chez Michel  www.chezmichelvancouver.com

Value: $50


Decadent Dining Destination    

Fifty years ago, an American widow named Lucy Mae Brown ran a bordello and opium den in Vancouver. Today, it's the city's most decadent dining destination, pairing a French restaurant with the Opium Den, a late-night lounge. In the restaurant, stylish locals lounge in circular blue-velvet booths or in the fabulous outdoor dining patio, sampling chef Mook's modern French-Mediterranean menu.


Donated by: lucy mae brown  www.lucymaebrown.ca

Value: $50


Elegant Kits Dining    

Winebar@Fiction would like you and a guest to attend a dinner that will make you frantic for more. Constantly evolving and dedicated to organic and seasonal offerings, Winebar@Fiction is the place to dine in Kits.


Donated by: Fiction Tapas & Wine Bar  www.fictiontapas.com

Value: $50


An infusion of energy, style and elegance    

Absolutely the coolest looking place in the city. The modern Latin revolutionary theme in this 100 year old bank with barrel vaulted ceilings, original Victorian chandeliers, a striking marble staircase, and a VIP vault room is just awe inspiring. Century boasts a Latin theme and the food matches the decor!


Donated by: Century Restaurant & Bar  

Value: $50


'West'ern Hospitality    

Enjoy the hospitality that West has to offer, from inspiring contemporary regional cuisine to warm attentive service. Executive Chef David Hawksworth will take you on a culinary journey that travels through the best of Land and Sea.

Restrictions: Expires March 15, 2007

Donated by: West Restaurant  www.westrestaurant.com

Value: $50


Sweet Obsessions    

Fine dining in an intimate and casual bistro, which serves exceptional food, makes this west side bistro a perennial favourite. Or use your gift certificate next door at Sweet Obsessions, where exquisite cakes, pastries and desserts are all made in-house.

Restrictions: Expires Oct 7, 2007

Donated by: Trafalgars Bistro and Sweet Obsession  www.trafalgars.com

Value: $50


To Wine and Dine is Divine    

You have 2 fabulous choices to make - To dine at Sequoia Grill in gorgeous Stanley Park, where the sunsets are magnificent and the innovative menu is a delight or dine whilst taking in a stunning view at Seasons in glorious Queen Elizabeth Park.

Restrictions: Expires July 2008 Valid at Sequoia Grill at the Teahouse or Seasons Restaurant

Donated by: Sequoia Company of Restaurants  www.vancouverdine.com

Value: $50


No Passport Required    

You will feel like you are visiting a different country as you dine in the traditional Afghan manner. Romantic lighting and soft cushions are the perfect way to enjoy a sampling of the many fine foods featured on your platter for two.

Restrictions: Expires Oct 7, 2007

Donated by: Afghan Horsemen Restaurant  www.afghanhorsemen.com

Value: $48


A Steak Out    

Great steaks, a casual ambiance and friendly, very knowledgeable staff are the proud and reliable trademarks of The Keg Steakhouse & Bar.

Restrictions: Expires Feb 7, 2007. Valid Sun-Thur.

Donated by: The Keg Steakhouse & Bar  www.kegsteakhouse.com

Value: $25


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