Support the Endowment Fund

The Shooting Stars Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the Shooting Stars Foundation Endowment Fund - a permanent Endowment fund through the Vancity Community Foundation. The purpose of this fund is to create a lasting legacy and charity for the future by providing continuity for the Shooting Stars Foundation's long-term support of direct service AIDS/HIV agencies in the Lower Mainland. The Fund will be invested in perpetuity and will generate income for charitable purposes in our community, year after year.

The Foundation may make regular capital contributions to the Endowment fund and income generated by the fund may be reinvested back into the fund as capital, or utilized to cover fixed Foundation costs, thus ensuring that revenues raised from our events all passes directly to our beneficiaries. In the event that funds raised in any one year are significantly reduced, the income from the Endowment Fund in that year could be utilized to guarantee continuity of grant distribution to our beneficiaries. Our focus remains on producing special events in order to support our annual grants, the Endowment Fund provides long-term stability and an alternate route for donors to support the Foundation and our community.

Donations to the Shooting Stars Foundation Endowment Fund may be made to the Shooting Stars Foundation with instructions directing the donation to the Endowment Fund, or by contributing directly to the Endowment Fund through the Vancity Community Foundation.

When making charitable gifts, a number of strategies can be employed to both maximize the size of the gift and the size of the resulting tax credit. By planning their charitable donations, donors can be assured that their wishes will be carried out in perpetuity. Planned gifts include donations through bequests, life insurance, charitable trusts, gifts of listed securities and real property.

Join us in ensuring that long-term support is available for our community. Talk to your personal accountant or lawyer and/or contact Kendra Sprinkling at the Shooting Stars Foundation at, or the team of professionals at the Vancity Community Foundation who can provide advice and assistance to potential donors. All will be able to discuss this incredible new opportunity with you.