Sponsors of  The Shooting Stars Foundation have an exceptional opportunity to create a high profile association with a passionate, unique special events company that currently produces some of Vancouver's most anticipated and successful annual events. Our high-calibre and high-profile shows raise money for front line agencies which can't always attract broad based support on their own, while meeting marketing potential, image fit, and community relationships for your company.

Our "sold out" productions demonstrate that we understand what people want to see and hear, and your sponsorship of the Shooting Stars Foundation exhibits your community involvement in an imaginative and meaningful way. We put on the shows, our sponsors garner the visibility and goodwill, and we both support a diverse landscape of Direct Service AIDS organizations in British Columbia.

Sponsor benefits will be customized to ensure that they achieve your specific corporate objectives and goals. The extensive range of benefits has been designed to:

  • Position your image / product and increase exposure;
  • Build brand loyalty;
  • Develop new business; and
  • Strengthen community ties and commitment.

We recognize the value of developing long term relationships with our sponsors. The Shooting Stars Foundation’s on-going marketing and public relations strategy with our various annual events creates an opportunity to build a continuing relationship for sponsors with those events.

As a sponsor you will be partnering with a unique special events organization that has built an ever-growing family of local, national and international artists and celebrities to be a part of a variety of theatrical and creative fundraising extravaganzas that are both unique and beneficial for everyone involved.

  • The artists acquire added exposure and networking opportunities;
  • Our audiences enjoy professionally produced events that entertain in a myriad of ways;
  • The foundation’s frontline HIV/AIDS beneficiaries receive desperately needed funds;
  • You, as a sponsor, garner media and community visibility.

We take pride in the legacy we are building for our community and we want you to be a part of it!

Contact Kendra Sprinkling, Executive Director at 604-254-0292 or via email kendras@shaw.ca for more information.