Gambado! Dinner and Auction
September 18, 2008

Coast Capital Jazzilla
Motown Meltdown

Fit for a Queen
Starry Night
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A General Review

In the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, and particularly in Vancouver, the Shooting Stars Foundation and our established variety show “Starry Night” are very recognizable as significant and long-standing names in the field of AIDS/HIV charity work.

Our short and simple mission statement clearly describes what we do, and how we do it: “We produce unique special events with passion, integrity, and innovation to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS”.   

Our goal is to bring ‘new’ money into the community by focusing on producing special events that our beneficiaries have neither the time nor resources to do on their own; thus, letting them focus on what they do best – providing services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Foundation was incorporated in 1995, growing out of the success of the long running “Starry Night”, one of Western Canada’s most successful theatrical and musical AIDS fundraisers initiated by David Harrison in 1985.   “Starry Night” has dazzled audiences with the best of Canadian and International talent, earning a reputation as one of the finest annual events in Vancouver.  It has continued to improve, impress and draw loyal audiences, in no small part to the ceaseless energy of our current Executive Director and producer of our concert shows, Kendra Sprinkling. The mandate of the Foundation has been expanded to include community and corporate partnerships to create new special events for annual fundraising.  Everyone now calls us a magnificent way to have a fabulous time for a noble cause.  

We currently produce four annual events including three elaborate and very high profile concerts – “Starry Night”, “Motown Meltdown”, "Coast Capital Jazzilla" and “Fit for a Queen”, and, “Gambado!” a very upscale and imaginative Celebrity Dinner and Auction.  Further details of our events, mission, and structure may be viewed at www.shootingstarsfoundation.org

The concerts follow a very similar format with different themes, performers and/or venues being the main distinction. Our signature event “Starry Night” is scheduled for November, and our other concerts "Coast Capital Jazzilla",Motown Meltdown” and “Fit For a Queen” and  are scheduled for presentation in February, March and May, respectively. 

The “Gambado!” Celebrity Dinner and Auction is in it’s third evolution, initially being a small silent auction in the lobby at “Starry Night” itself, then growing to become a separate event and in 2002 becoming a combined dinner and auction.  The dinner is attended by over 200 guests and the silent/live auction hosted by Global TV anchor Tony Parsons attracts over 400 attendees and features nearly 300 auction lots worth over $200,000.  This event has gained popularity and renown in the community, making it the premiere event of its kind.

The Shooting Stars Foundation owes its existence to our performing artists, technicians, volunteers, sponsors, corporations, businesses and members who give selflessly of their time, skills, talents and goods and services.  It is, as a result, a unique special event organization that has built an ever-growing family of local, national and international artists and celebrities to be a part of a variety of theatrical and creative fundraising extravaganzas that are both unique and beneficial for everyone involved.  The artists acquire added exposure and networking opportunities, the Foundation’s charities receive desperately needed funds, the corporate and business sponsors garner massive media and community visibility and our audiences enjoy professionally produced stellar events that entertain in a myriad of ways.   The value of the donated services is immense, and all from one-night performances! 

The Foundation does not have an office, and we have a single paid staff member - our Executive Director.  The Board and Executive Director personally carry out all administrative functions.  We constantly examine ways to reduce any unnecessary costs through donated goods and services.  Our dedicated Board of Directors volunteer countless hours to oversee the governance of the Foundation, develop and offer corporate sponsorship packages, handle marketing and promotion, and campaign for, and collect, items for the “Gambado!” auction, where they may be seen hanging some of the donated art or setting up chairs for the live auction.    

To re-iterate: 

Our beneficiaries are the reason we spend the time to produce these events.  We are proud of our ongoing contributions to support organizations that have neither the time nor resources to fundraise in this manner on their own.  Some of our past grant recipients include:

  • A Loving Spoonful

  • Wings Housing Society

  • Positive Women’s Network

  • Dr. Peter Centre

  • McLaren Housing Society of BC

  • British Columbia Persons with Aids Society

  • Food for Thought Society

  • Western Canadian Pediatric AIDS Society

Our artists/performers get excellent and valuable exposure within the community. 

A growing volunteer base supports our events every year – these individuals devote countless hours and give tirelessly to provide support wherever necessary. 

Finally, our sponsors get incredible and positive media and public exposure.

The resulting high profile special events and the enthusiastic support of our local audiences and patrons has meant that our events are not only well known in the community, but that inevitably they are sold out, thus providing us with the necessary funds to offer grants to the ever increasing needs of agencies in the AIDS/HIV community.

We are a growing Foundation that continually seeks and reaches for new heights and we anticipate increasing our level of donations to an increasing number of beneficiaries.  We depend on the support from the community and they depend on us.  It is this strong co-operative relationship that gives us the opportunity to produce these incredible events that raise much-needed funds for some of the less fortunate in our community.


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