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Scholarships for Single Mothers

Scholarships for Single Mothers

As a mother with young children, you face major challenges. You want to provide the best for your child, but you have almost no time and your job pays low wages so it is almost impossible to make any headway. You may have dreamed about a college degree and a career, but along came children and you dropped your dream when faced with your reality. I know you don’t have any money or time so forget it.

Well, it really is possible to achieve that dream and you shouldn’t give up now. Most importantly, you will make a lot more money once you get your degree and you will be able to provide much better for your children. On average, a college graduate makes $24,000 per year more than a high school graduate. Even if you enroll in an associate degree program, you can make significantly more than you are making as a high school graduate.

The good news is there is money available from scholarships for single mothers. There are also special grants and loans, especially for single moms. Some of the more popular scholarships for single mothers include the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation (AAUW) fellowship, the Association of Women in Mathematics (Alice T. Shaffer Mathematics Prize), and Ellen M. Cherry-Delawder Memorial Scholarship for single mothers in the business field. There are many more than a simple search engine query focused on your state or area can reveal. 

Being able to ensure your child isn’t held back due to lack of financials is a great feeling. There is no reason your child should have to fall behind now or later due to costs. That is why scholarship programs or even certain insurances can make all the differences. Another safeguard to consider is not leaving your child with the costs for your own future long-term care. If you get to a point were you require long-term care who would pay for it? Often times it’s our children we have fought so hard to protect who get hit the hardest with this burden. Putting in place a long-term care insurance policy can help prevent just that. There is no reason steep costs should burden your child and you can help prevent this.…