Scholarships for Single Mothers

Scholarships for Single Mothers

As a mother with young children, you face major challenges. You want to provide the best for your child, but you have almost no time and your job pays low wages so it is almost impossible to make any headway. You may have dreamed about a college degree and a career, but along came children and you dropped your dream when faced with your reality. I know you don’t have any money or time so forget it.

Well, it really is possible to achieve that dream and you shouldn’t give up now. Most importantly, you will make a lot more money once you get your degree and you will be able to provide much better for your children. On average, a college graduate makes $24,000 per year more than a high school graduate. Even if you enroll in an associate degree program, you can make significantly more than you are making as a high school graduate.

The good news is there is money available from scholarships for single mothers. There are also special grants and loans, especially for single moms. Some of the more popular scholarships for single mothers include the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation (AAUW) fellowship, the Association of Women in Mathematics (Alice T. Shaffer Mathematics Prize), and Ellen M. Cherry-Delawder Memorial Scholarship for single mothers in the business field. There are many more than a simple search engine query focused on your state or area can reveal. 

Being able to ensure your child isn’t held back due to lack of financials is a great feeling. There is no reason your child should have to fall behind now or later due to costs. That is why scholarship programs or even certain insurances can make all the differences. Another safeguard to consider is not leaving your child with the costs for your own future long-term care. If you get to a point were you require long-term care who would pay for it? Often times it’s our children we have fought so hard to protect who get hit the hardest with this burden. Putting in place a long-term care insurance policy can help prevent just that. There is no reason steep costs should burden your child and you can help prevent this.…

The Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

The Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

Getting your education online provides some incredible benefits, but also some unseen challenges. When you understand these differences, it will be easy for you to make a choice regarding using this option. So far, distance learning has been selected primarily because there really aren’t many other good options for people who travel and must keep their employment. In those cases, alternatives are few and far between, so exploring upside and downside is like….Yea, so what!

But for those who have a choice, it is important to look at all the factors. First the upside to Distance Learning:

  1. Keep Your Job-and also keep money coming in. This is the most important factor cited by those using online education. Students do not have to interrupt their careers, and they can absorb the financial impact much better.
  2. Choices-at last count, there were 179 institutions providing accredited online education. That’s a long way from Phoenix University which was a trailblazer in this industry. Many of these colleges and universities are recognizable for their superiority in the traditional standard education campuses. This means the overall quality of the education will continue to rise, and the perception of a degree obtained in this fashion will continue to improve.
  3. Less Cost-The only real costs outside of credit hours for online education is a computer and internet connection. Housing, additional cost of facilities, on campus food, travel to and from are all costs that are not incurred in online education.
  4. Flexibility and Convenience-You choose when to take classes, which means you do not have to fit into the university schedule. You also set the pace at which you want to progress, going slower or faster than a standard curriculum. Setting the pace also includes the speed at which you complete each subject.
  5. Elimination of the classroom-The classroom has its good points, but it also forces everyone into the same mold. And the classroom environment is only as good as the attendees allow it to be. NOTE: some online programs do require a physical presence at various points, so it is wise to check out what the requirements are in any program you are about to commence.
  6. It is all self-directed-While this allows the flexibility needed to balance job, family and school, it also has the potential to be a negative factor if you are a procrastinator, or have trouble setting and keeping your focus.

Now the Challenges or downsides to Distance Learning:

  1. No social interaction-This can be a lonely program with no fellow students to bounce ideas off, or to just commiserate with. You won’t even be able to look at a hot chick!
  2. No instructor interaction-This too can be troubling. The good instructors force students to think and view issues from multiple perspectives. This will be a real challenge to some folks pursuing Distance Learning.
  3. No other traditional support functions-No library, no laboratories, no group think tanks. Most all of the students’ resources will likely come from the internet, which gets better and better. Come to think of it, I go to the internet almost exclusively for “library searches” now.
  4. Less credibility to your sheepskin-This is changing slowly, but you will encounter some hiring decision makers to “debunk” online learning and discount it severely. This situation is much better today than even 5 years ago, but it still has a ways to go.
  5. No campus atmosphere-And I say, who cares! If I’m already in a career, I’m likely beyond needing the student cheering section at the football game.
  6. It is self-directed – just as this can be a positive and a blessing; it too can be a black hole for people who just can’t stay on the mission. With no one setting the deadlines, it will be all up to you, baby!
Distance Learning Business Degree A Step Towards Success

Distance Learning Business Degree A Step Towards Success

Many people believe they are stuck in a dead-end job, unable to advance due to a lack of a formal education. Working over 40 hours a week and the financial responsibilities of raising a family hinders their ability to attend college. Many are finding a distance learning business degree can help them achieve better success.

There are many programs that offer a distance learning business degree that offer financial aid to those who qualify. A reputable online college, accredited by the regional accrediting agencies covering the state in which it is located, usually has the same resources as a traditional institution of higher education.

Programs are designed to help those non-traditional students, as well as those who cannot find the time to attend classroom studies. Most offer the same classes as a traditional school and offer interaction with online teachers while pursuing a distance learning business degree. The major advantages include working at your own pace, maintaining your current employment, and still having time for your family while working towards a distance learning business degree.

Classroom Tools Part Of Tuition Cost

Taking classes for a distance learning business degree often requires the use of classroom tools. Most accredited schools will offer these tools as part of your classes and the cost is included in the tuition. Others may have you purchase them locally, but either way you will need them to complete your distance learning business degree.

Some people also have a desire to operate their own business and there are many business-related skills they may lack. Certain skills may also be necessary to obtain backing for the new venture that can be obtained by earning a distance learning business degree. Many investors are shy about investing in a business being operated by a person without the necessary skills. Although they may be exceptional at what they do, without the business acumen to take care of the business end, many are reluctant to invest.

Additionally, by earning a distance learning business degree the owner/operator of a business may find additional ways to help their business grow in ways in which they were previously unfamiliar.

Persons attending distance learning business degree programs must have the personal drive and self-discipline to succeed. You are the only one responsible for your success in completing the classes as there will be no one looking over your shoulder to insure you complete assignments honestly.


Complete Your Education With A Distance Learning Graduate Program

Complete Your Education With A Distance Learning Graduate Program

Education is the one single thing that alone can change your life. Gone are the days when sheer experience alone and decades of work in a company could uplift you to the top of the ladder. Today education is all that counts, employers seek educated people in specific domains that are needed to bring out the best results.

How To Educate Yourself Without Disrupting Your Lifestyle

If you have not completed your graduation yet the first step you need to take is get into a distance learning graduation program. A distance learning graduate program allows you to study when you want without ever having to physically attend a class and that is because you will access the course from the comfort of your home on your computer.

Research, before you choose a distance learning graduate program to ensure that the organization is accredited and therefore the diploma, will be recognized once you have completed the course. It is important you check into all details to ensure that you are not wasting your time and money such as: if your graduate course is accredited as well as some organization will be accredited but not have all programs that they offer accredited as well.

Also when checking on accreditation you must verify the organization that has accredited the educational facility as only some are authorized and recognized at a national and international level. Once you have the details straighten out nothing should come in the way of you and your distance learning graduate program.

Affordable Education

A distance learning graduate program usually will cost a lot less than a traditional program and if you still are facing difficulties with payments, most organizations will assist you to obtain financial aid for the same.

You can continue doing what you normally do every day such as attend a daily full-time work, bring up your children or any other chores and still be able to finish your education at the same time with distance learning programs. These programs work with you to obtain the best choices that work for you and yet get the best available education as well.

You will be able to attend classes at any time of the day and night online as well as live forums where you will interact with fellow students and with professors as well. Assignments will be issued and deadlines too so, even if you can work at your convenience you will still need to be active and very much involved in your graduate course to be able to obtain the diploma at the end of the program.

Finding a Distance Learning Ph.D. Program

Finding a Distance Learning Ph.D. Program

Entering a doctorate program is a big commitment. You will be committing time, money and energy to earn the highest degree possible. If you are considering such a commitment, you probably already have a busy professional life. Traditionally, the Ph.D. candidate would have to travel to the university with the best doctoral program in the target subject. Often, this would mean taking a sabbatical and time away from family. Today, the modern Ph.D. candidate can look for a program online. The distance learning PHD program of the present is often fully accredited and comes with the prestige that the new doctor deserves.

Where To Look

The Internet has all of the best features of both the small town and the big city. A good search engine leads you to the community of your choice. Your search term’s small town has the selection and quality that you normally only find in the big city. Once you narrow your search to a distance learning PHD program in your subject area, take the time to learn all about the institute of learning that offers it, its reputation and the type of accreditation that it has earned.

It is possible that you will never see the university that will convey a PHD on you. The human instinct to make necessary judgments by sight is frustrated with a distance learning PHD program. You may only know your mentor through emails and the exchange of your work. The wise action is to find out what, if anything, your professional colleagues think of the program being considered. Will your degree find the same acceptance as those acquired through more traditional means? Look through a professional library to see if journals have written about the distance learning PHD program and what their reviews find.

Once you feel that you have chosen the distance learning PHD program that’s right for you, start looking for other necessary resources. If you are not going to be spending time on campus, what library will you use for research? Does the online institution have a cybrary or e-library with appropriate materials? Does it offer alternative suggestions? Your work will only be as good as the research it’s based on.

Often, a nearby college will be accessible with the right planning and permissions. You may prefer a distance-learning PHD program that makes its campus available. Once you are at the place in your life where a PHD is the next logical step, you will find that you are capable of meeting the requirements of a distance learning PHD program once you find the right one. Good luck and good hunting.


Shooting Stars Foundation – From the Mind of a Highschool Student

Shooting Stars Foundation – From the Mind of a Highschool Student

The Shooting Stars Foundation is a non-profit organization that was started by a small and dedicated group of high school students. What began as an operation from a small garage in 2009 has now developed into a national organization comprising nine branches in four States. The Shooting Stars Foundation’s central mission is delivering on the promise of equal educational opportunity for students worldwide. The Shooting Stars Foundation believes that too often, many students who deserve to get a high school education are not able to do so because of inadequate financial resources, which should not be the case. The organization’s goal is to offer promising students with the financial capability to acquire higher education. The organization collaborates with various universities and colleges in India and Mexico to develop college scholarship programs for local students. The Shooting Stars Foundation is currently offering scholarships to some students and has partnered with local school districts to develop and finance elementary school after-school programs. The non-profit organization raises money for its outstanding projects by hosting a yearly academic boot camp for second to sixth grade. The spring camp usually takes place during the spring break and covers both English and mathematics. The spring camp is ideal for reviewing the topics your kids may have forgotten as well as preparing for standardized tests. All these camps are available in nine locations in four states.

Ajjit Chidambaram Narayanan started the Shooting Stars Foundation alongside a small, dedicated team of highschool students. When Ajjit Chidambaram Narayanan was in the 7th grade, he started to get bored with spring break holidays, and his mother suggested that he assist his younger brother with his state tests. Ajjit developed some sample questions and gave it to his brother as a refresher course just prior to doing the exam. This proved incredibly helpful for his brother. After witnessing this, a few family friends decided to send the kids to Ajjit and offered to pay for the refresher course.

After some years, Ajjit was introduced to Akhil Ganti, who then introduced Ajjit and the team to a larger group of a local community that helped establish the Shooting Stars Foundation non-profit organization. The programs offered by the Shooting Stars Foundation to elementary school students started out with public speaking and a common core curriculum. This has since expanded to various unique enrichment programs such as multi-cuisine cooking, career exploration, and much more. The Shooting Stars Foundation uses the money raised to fund education for needy students in underdeveloped countries.

Shooting Stars Foundation scholars are motivated high school students with the desire to make a difference and contribute to society through sharing knowledge with others. They make a global impact on the sponsored kids’ lifestyle and a local impact on the kids taking part in the camp.

Community service involves participating in something bigger than yourself. More often than not, we get caught up in the challenges we face in our lives and forget about other people around us. We live on earth together, so why not take the responsibility and initiative to make our society as better off as possible? It’s essential to participate in community service, especially as a young person. Without service activities, we wouldn’t be able to actualize the high quality of life, as helping others and volunteering is at the heart of a prosperous and structured society. No one person has ever become prosperous in life without the help of others.…